Hotel catering: what are the advantages of an effective organization

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From an expensive and difficult to manage sector, hotel catering has in recent years become a real resource, an opportunity for the hotel to make money. Times have certainly changed profoundly: the contemporary traveler has different tastes and is more demanding and aware than in the past, therefore an attractive catering service for the guest must be the result of an effective strategy caterers belleville il.

A ban on the old “fixed” formulas of half board or full board, the restaurant in a trendy hotel is synonymous with flexibility and is no longer aimed exclusively at internal hotel guests, but also at external customers. The formulas are renewed and the immersive food experiences work: brunch, a gourmet mid-afternoon snack, a themed aperitif. It is no coincidence that there are an increasing number of hospitality entrepreneurs who call upon great chefs to manage their own kitchens or simply to request their advice on the management of the restaurant service. In this way the restaurant creates its own precise identity and from a simple outsourced service, as happened not too long ago, today it becomes a real added value for the hotel. Of course, to make the restaurant a revenue tool, we cannot forget the Brand Reputation . And that of the restaurant must be as incisive and impactful as that of the hotel.

caterers belleville il

A restaurant format for hotels must be built around a concept food or a multisensory experience that goes beyond food intended exclusively as nourishment, but rather has to do with sociality and conviviality. From this set of factors we can move to create the identikit of the successful restaurant inside the hotel. Bearing in mind that a restaurant concept revolves around 4 main elements: the format, the brand, the staff and the interior design. The brand is linked to the feeling that a brand arouses in customers and this is even more true for a hotel that offers a starred restaurant proposal focused on innovation. Green light then for atmospheric and design environments, and for a quality menu. Sometimes a winning proposal simply stands out for an original and creative idea: a food experience linked to a single particular ingredient, perhaps a local specialty proposed in all its tastiest variations.

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