The living room is the perfect space for hosting guests. It is also where families hang out and enjoy quality time with loved ones. That is why the living room should not only be functional, but relaxing too.

It is important to think about how each piece of furniture will take part in both the design and functionality of the space. Take a look at the basic living room furniture that you need to have and how it can be of use based on your requirements and available space.

Accent Chair

If you want to create a stylish feel to the space, add a furniture piece that will bring vibrance and enhance the colors. You can achieve this with an accent chair that you can purchase when you buy living room furniture singapore. This is often included with the sofa set you buy. If not, you can also use a separate accent chair to match your sofa set or couch.

Coffee Table

This can help enhance the look of your sofa set. This furniture is highly functional and can be used as an alternative storage option. Adding a centerpiece to a coffee table can enhance its overall appearance. There are different kinds of coffee tables that you can buy. Find one that will match the overall theme of your living room.

Entertainment Center

The living room is the perfect space for relaxing with the family and enjoying movie nights on weekends. Have a TV stand or an entertainment center in the living room. TV stands are designed to fit in small spaces. Yet if you have a spacious living room, you can add an entertainment center.

Side Table

Adding a side table should complement the design, pattern, and material of the coffee table. This can create a harmonious look for your living room. You can also add a lamp, vase, and picture frames to the side table.

Sofa Set

The sofa is an essential piece of furniture for any living area. This is the largest piece to have and will serve as its centerpiece. Sofas are typically bigger than couches. That is why they are the preferred choice for spacious living rooms. But there are also compact sofas that are perfect for small spaces and are mainly used for relaxation.

The design and furnishing of your living room space is completely up to your personal preferences. All the furniture pieces you can add will absolutely complement the look and overall theme that you have in mind for your living room area.