Know The Types Of Shopper

In the past years, the internet has played the very significant role in various kind of online shopping in the whole world. Internet has become the most important part of our day-to-day life on daily basis. It’s just not about only giving information, but also communication and several other things also.

Here, one of the most popular uses of internet is in Online shopping which is defined as the buyer purchases good directly to a seller without any other services. Nowadays, online shopping is become a trend. For so many years, people have shopped in market places, shopping malls, street shopping.

There are so many options available for online shopping; there are various apps, sites which provide the platform to shop online. People are very much interested in online shopping rather than go for malls and street shopping.

Types of Shopping:

Studies said that there are seven types of shoppers:

1. The impulse buyer: This kind of buyers refers to someone who is very impulsive for their buying’s. They don’t even consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of buy something or shop for the good deal; they just do what they want to and buy whatever they want.

Know The Types Of Shopper

2. The Bargain Hunter: This kind of buyer refers to someone who is always looking for the cheapest price for all of their buying. They mostly buy their purchases when there is a sale, deals, and coupons. They really don’t like pricy things.

3. The Educated shopper: This kind of buyer usually very social conscious. Here we are talking about the eco-friendly buyer who considers ethics. They mostly won’t mind for spending more money but they buy those goods whose reviews are good.

4. The Negotiator: The person who is good at negotiation is good to go with shopping. They aren’t afraid to bargain with the shoppers and sometimes these negotiations pay off.

5. The Brand of Loyalist: These kinds of buyer are who knows what they want and stick to what they are using for the long time and what suits on to them. They mostly are brand seeker; they only like things with named as some famous brands. They are slightly like educated shopper; they are loyal to the brands they are using.

6. The Browser: This kind of buyer rarely make purchases but they love to browse things online as well as in malls, streets. Brower’s are very conscious about the money which have very high standards for products.

7. The Practical Shopper: This kind of buyer shops only useful products that definitely fit to their needs. These kinds of people know exactly what they want and what they are getting before buying anything. They visit so many stores, some many online shopping apps before they decide to buy anything.