Many are asking this: is getting a tutor worthy? Weighing family finances for the child’s learning needs can be difficult, especially in Mathematics. Most children find math the toughest subject than the other subjects, while others consider it their favorites. Tutoring is worthwhile if it is on a manageable budget with the right private math tutor.

If it is offering quality sessions mapped to the curriculum, and if it helps the child become a fearless learner, why not invest in it for your child?

Effective math tutoring

There are different methods when getting effective math tutoring.

  1. The math tutor must always look for the problem in the book. You should not trust the student has set up correctly.
  2. The math tutor can explain the procedure used to solve the problem. You have the option to troubleshoot and listen to incorrect procedures or faulty logic at that time.
  3. The tutor must reinforce correct procedures, this part must be done correctly. The math tutor identifies incorrect logic and asks the student to consider what else to try. You can provide a hint, but prevent explanations until after the student attempts a guess.
  4. Math tutors can check for understanding, and let the student re-explain the procedure. Keep from asking questions like Yes/No.
  5. Math tutors should disengage, and encourage the students to work on the next problem on their own, but let them know you will check back. Don’t get drawn into working for the next problem.

Why get math tutors?

Many parents are doubtful whether a math tutor can help their children improve in mathematics. Here is the reason why a private math tutor is effective for students who have a problem in math:

  • Served as a guide. Math tutors can give students through the solution process, not merely show how it is done. The students are asked leading questions that direct them to discover the correct steps. It helps the students avoid making problems. If the student can’t get the correct answer and will ask for help, check what the student has done and try to discover the error.

Then, let the student work on a similar problem to ensure students grasped the procedure or concept.

  • Never confuse the students. If unsure of the mathematical concept or procedure, check with some or another tutor.

Find out what approach the tutor or text is using for a particular problem since it is different from the home you have learned it. Employing the same technique as a tutor or text reinforces a familiar procedure or concept, whereas using a different approach confuses the student/s.