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Paint correction is a mechanical leveling for clear coat and paint to the point where paint is totally free from swirl marks & light scratches.  These swirl marks are “V” cut or slice in a paint where the light bounces over in a valley of scratch and exits.  It is how you will see swirl marks. Suppose paint was very flat, without valley, you will not have anywhere for light to bounce over…this is where the paint correction shines

What does car polishing do?

Car power polishing helps to bring your car paint back to the original shine as well as helps to preserve your car paint. Some benefits of the power polishing your car are:

  • Erasing any scratches off its exterior
  • Fix paint maladies
  • Offer gloss & glisten to your vehicle

You may get rid of the scratches in appearance, fix pesky paint issues, as well as cut through rigid layers of elements. The car has best polish that will add life to your paint job before the rust emerges or devalues your car. There is no doubt –the vehicle will benefit.

Different Kinds of the Car Polish

Wax and Polish

This kind of polish is the glaze and car wax combined. Such products generally include mild abrasive to get rid of minor defects or have fillers that will mask imperfections. Wax element then can protect its finish. Downside is such kind of polish won’t last very long like other types. It will work for over one month before you need to reapply that will be one big hassle.

Sealer and Polish

Car sealer and polish is made to eliminate swirl marks, light scratches, and various other surface imperfections. This cleans out finish and provides the protective coating against various elements, road grime and insect debris. Some people make use of such product instead of wax. This does an amazing job to restore shine and color of the paint job.

Only Polish

If you are purist, you may have to stick with the pure polish. Such products are made completely to remove any minor imperfections on the vehicle’s paintwork. They will fill in the small scratches as well as swirl marks. They do not have wax and sealant, thus you will have to apply some separate products on the top of polish for better results.