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Many brides-to-be are hooked by the fashion of Chinese-style wedding dresses because of their meaning. Have you come to the idea of wearing a wedding dress with meaning or simply on its appealing details only? Most brides-to-be choose a wedding dress that makes them look more beautiful on the big day.

However, it is a different thing in Chinese weddings. Both bride and groom focus on every detail that has meaning, signifying luck to their marriage life. Thus, the Chinese CheongsamĀ bridal shop has wedding dress options for a soon-to-be wife and husband-to-be.

Traditional Chinese wedding dress

The bride is wearing a red cheongsam dress because the color is considered sacred and chases away the evil spirits in Chinese culture. The groom wears a black suit paired with a white shirt and traditional Changshan (Chinese jacket).

The purpose of Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese wedding dress as a form of emblematic culture. At most Chinese weddings, you will see brides wearing a qipao or cheongsam. The Brides with backgrounds from Southern China prefer wearing a two-piece dress named Qun Kwa.

Cheongsam and Qun Kwa are dressed in red and elaborately adorned with two characters:

  • gold dragon
  • phoenix symbols

Is wearing Cheongsam possible for foreigners?

Then factor to determine whether it is possible for a foreigner or anyone to wear a Cheongsam lies in the intent. If the wearer approaches it with the following characteristics:

  • respect
  • awareness
  • desire to celebrate Chinese culture

It is seen as a positive gesture of cross-cultural appreciation. There is no rule or law on whether it is acceptable to wear a cheongsam or not, if not Chinese. It comes down to the spirit of wearing a garment, whether the spirit communicates respect rather than condescension.

What is special about Cheongsam?

Cheongsam becomes a marker of Chinese identity, especially the case for older Chinese women, regarding the Cheongsam dignified and elegant formal dress, reflecting their ethnic roots. The wedding dress is related to more comfortable clothing, such as:

  • sweaters
  • jeans
  • business suits
  • skirts

Due to its restrictive nature, it is worn as a formal wear for an important occasion.

Indeed, many are still wearing Cheongsam because it is very comfortable and has a formal fitting that is easy to wear. Yes, it is very versatile and so much flexible since it can be worn on any occasion as long as you want to wear it.

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