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Sherpa Butter Tea

Butter tea known as “su cha” in Sherpa language is a very popular drink of the Sherpa people in Nepal. People in Tibet, China and Bhutan also drink butter tea.  Since the weather is often chilly and cold in the … Continue reading

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Rato Dal (Red Lentil Soup)

Here is a quick and easy recipe to make red lentil soup. Lentil soups are a popular dish and a staple food in Nepal. This soup can be eaten with rice or puri or any bread. This post is dedicated … Continue reading

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Potato flat bread! (Aaloo ko roti/ Riki kur).

Potato flat bread is a very popular Sherpa dish, and often served to honored guests. It is  made up of potatoes, eggs and flour and normally eaten with green onion sauce. In Nepal, this dish is prepared by grating potato … Continue reading

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