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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine with my family enjoying tulips. We went to Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which is located in Skagit county, Washington State. This three acre tulip field is filled with a variety of different colored tulips. The festival is held in the entire month of April. We went there around 9 AM and by that time there were already a lot of people.  So it is recommended to go there early if you can. The entrance cost was $5 per person, which is reasonable. Since it rained in the morning, the field was a bit muddy. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and took tons of pictures. Here are few of the pictures from the trip.

10150728_10202440522067548_7167319644462636474_n 10151331_10202440498466958_5283744703730612638_n 10151404_10202440458545960_4572182952845287236_n 10155457_10202440458385956_4841940454101945513_n 10155461_10202440315902394_573241774907967656_n 10155735_10202440495786891_8094723558641306779_n 10156050_10202440333902844_6042111733758055719_n 10167995_10202440462706064_1611776694314318533_n 10172585_10202440541788041_1956172094024989721_n 10173516_10202440412064798_8582732332430693151_n 10247384_10202440537187926_859152185140723655_n 10257891_10202440530667763_2750859754363306714_n 10294373_10202440435425382_2414413419640910917_n 10295779_10202440489826742_6584678451430172956_n 10313975_10202440445745640_4460324501504534028_n 10314507_10202440339742990_3047889638146900249_n

Moscow Farmer’s Market & Camelina Salad Dressing

Moscow, ID has a wonderful farmers market every Saturday during the summer. I am a supporter of local and small business and should go to this farmer’s market more often, but I often get lazy on Saturday morning and oversleep. When I do get up early, I don’t miss an opportunity to go to the market!

Luckily, I got up before noon last Saturday, so we made it to the market (Yay!).  Last year the Moscow Farmer’s market was expanded and there are a lot more vendors than there used to be. It is still early in the growing season so there aren’t very many local fruits and vegetables, however there are plenty of things to enjoy in the market. We tried a tasty Filipino dish, Chicken Adobo, which was similar to the Pork Adobo we had in in Kona, HI. The meat is marinated or cooked in a way that makes it very soft, and not dry at all.  I would love to go to the Philippines someday just to eat Pork Adobo!

Sonam with a plate of chicken Abodo.DSC_5415-001

Reasonable prices. DSC_5420-001

The vendor at the Filipino food stall was very kind. She let me take a picture of her for my blog and even gave me a nice smile!

This summer, we started our garden and a green house so we bought a jalapeno plant for our garden.


It’s so nice to get some warm weather in Moscow, finally I can wear the cute dress that my younger sister gave me. Thank you D!DSC_5437-001

We also stopped by the Camelina Gold Cooking Oil stall. They have a family farm in Eastern Washington where they grow and press the oil. The people at the stall were very nice and told us all about Camelina. Apparently Camelina oil is super good for you because of its high Omega 3 content (second only to flax oil) and low omega 6 fatty acids. It also has a high smoking point, which makes it an excellent cooking oil. Because it isn’t well known in the US, production is still small scale and the price is fairly high. Hopefully it will gain in popularity, become less expensive, and replace the corn and other vegetable oils which are common and cause a lot of health problems.DSC_5426-001

After learning about the great properties of Camelina oil, we wanted to see how it tasted, so we came home with lettuce, fruits, and vegetables we bought at the farmers market and made a salad with camelina salad dressing. With the exception of oranges and walnuts, everything else was purchased at the market!

Salad recipe:
1 handfull of walnut halves
2-3 orange wedges cut into thirds
1-2 apricots sliced
1 hard-boiled egg
garnish with brie cheese and pepper to taste

Salad dressing recipe:
1 cup camelina oil
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon parsley
1 teaspoon basil
1 teaspoon rosemary
3 cloves of crushed garlic
Ground black pepper to taste
Salt (optional)


Enjoy the Farmer’s Market!! Go Local! DSC_5470-001


Olympic Peninsula Trip, Part III

From Seku village, we drove to Forks. Neither of us is a big Twilight fan, but since we were in the area, we figured we might as well check it out.

“Team Jacob”!412566_3777339985233_173567483_o412499_3777334385093_1233674589_o


242759_3777331705026_1148223590_oWe had a lovely breakfast with plenty of coffee refills in Forks. 412413_3777336945157_199994745_oMy favorite biscuit and gravy! [wp_ad_camp_1]614787_3777335905131_868220485_o


After Forks, we went to Hoh Rain Forest.  621928_3777294624099_1991817506_o


620442_3777305704376_1910870710_o   551100_3777303024309_549959368_n  412480_3777293304066_456505545_o


338653_3777282663800_23322906_o  325750_3777274423594_1299097837_o    288906_3777267983433_2030618431_o





Along the way, there were a whole bunch of beaches. I don’t remember the name of this beach, but it was very nice.621775_3778935745126_1120472252_oLots of Barnacle. (Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Subphylum: Crustacea, Class: Maxillopoda). Thanks to my undergraduate class, Diversity of Life, I can still name a few of these 🙂621744_3778947905430_1120926437_o616145_3778949025458_380867647_o621740_3778996586647_293406161_o473558_3778989386467_1735924471_o334166_3779002346791_83520548_oSam wanted to be a marine biologist when he was young, so it is always fun to explore beaches and biodiversity there.331556_3778942025283_608122780_o 256304_3778988186437_1133826407_o256473_3778936785152_174130043_oCastle from Lord of the Rings 😉 277975_3779069388467_1485004608_o


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