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How to help Nepali earthquake victims?


Drone captures aftermath of earthquake in Nepal.

Dear readers,

A 7.8- magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday April 27th. Since the first big earthquake, there has been many aftershocks causing more damages to our national heritage, houses, infrastructures, and taking thousands of lives. So far the death toll has been estimated to be around 3281 and this number is expected to rise.

Due to the non-stop aftershocks, most people are living outside of their houses in a constant fears. Thousands of people have lost their homes, friends and family members. The extent of physical, emotional and psychological damages caused due to this devastating earthquake is huge.

My family and friends are in Nepal. I wish I was there to help right now and I feel guilt that I am not there with them.  The best I can do right now is to spread this news and ask people to help Nepal. Any kind of help to Nepal will be huge right now. If you want to help Nepal, bellow are the list of organizations that will put your donations to good use.

And lastly, please pray for Nepal and pray that the rescue and the path to recovery and reconstructions will go smoothly. Please god, give courage and strength to Nepal and Nepalese.

Thank you