Mexico Part 1 (Tulum & Akumal)

Last month my family and I enjoyed a trip to Mexico. Located along the Caribbean Sea in the Southeastern part of Mexico, Playa del Carmen has become a popular tourist destination in Mexico. Sam and I visited Playa del Carmen in 2007 to learn Spanish, and we loved it. This year we returned with my parents and sister to celebrate my birthday. In our week long vacation, we managed to click thousands of photos. I want to share a few that include our adventure, great food and some of the most beautiful scenes in Playa Del Carmen.

In the short time that we were there, we managed to visit most of the tourist sites and had a lot of fun. This post includes the pictures from our trip to Tulum & Akumal. Since Tulum and Akumal beach are close to each other, you can visit both of these places on the same day.

Tulum is one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Maya and lies along the coast of Yucatan Peninsula. Not only the location is spectacular, the entrance fee to Tulum is very reasonable ($5 per person) compared to the other ruins. If you are planning to visit Tulum, make sure to take a lot of water with you (also take a lot of cash, there are street vendors selling cute items and coconut juice which is a necessity in the hot weather.)


Want to shop for a gift? There are a lot of vendors on the street to Tulum.

Hot & Thirsty? Have some coconut juice!

Cool little windows.

Jumping with joy!

Love <3




Akumal: Located near Tulum, Akumal beach used to be one of my favorite beaches after I visited it in 2007. This year, we noticed many changes in the area. The beach has grown in popularity making it is more crowded, and the number of restaurants (and prices) have increased a lot. Although super crowded, it is still fun to relax in the beach, go snorkeling or enjoy amazing seafood at the restaurants. If you are there, don’t forget to try a big deep fried grouper 🙂

Akumal, 2007



Grouper, 2007

Grouper and salsa, 2014!

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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