Weekend in Utah

We recently visited my sister and a few other friends and family in Utah. Although quite short, the trip was a lot of fun.

One of the highlights of the trip was that Sam and I got to meet Apa Sherpa. He is also known as Super Sherpa after 21 ascents of Mount Everest, but is very humble despite all his achievements!



















My youngest sister and her husband who reside in Utah took us for lunch and shopping. Since we were there on Sunday (most things are closed on Sunday in Utah), my sister took us to have Dim Sum for lunch. Everything was very tasty.


They ordered way too much food (Offering a lot of food is a sign of respect in Asian culture). We couldn’t finish all. I managed to take pictures of a few items before we began eating. My favorite was steamed shrimp pot-stickers because it reminds me of momo.


For dinner, we had a family gathering and bbq ribs at my sister and her husband’s house. The ribs were very good, I enjoyed them with sticky rice. I am not sure what those leaves were but they tasted like betel nut leaf.


We drove from SunValley, ID to Wendover Utah. The pictures below are from Twin Falls Idaho on the way to Utah.


While we were at Wendover Utah, we visited Bonneville Salt Flats. The salt flats were amazing, they very white and sparkled like diamonds in the morning sun. We managed to take a lot of pictures. There were people organizing an archery competition and in the spring, the Bonneville Speed Way is home to many impressive challenges to the land-speed record of 406 mph! If you are into those things, it is a nice place to visit.

Here is a short video and some of the photos we took while visiting the salt flats:

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DSC_7979-001 DSC_7982-001DSC_7990-002DSC_8280-001 DSC_8354-001



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