Fried Zucchini & Onion

Wondering what to do with all that zucchini you got from a farmer’s market or from your garden? Today’s post is about fried zucchini and onion. This is one of my comfort food. I like eating fried zucchini and onion with plain rice, green salad and whole bbq chicken ( No I don’t eat the whole chicken 😉
Zucchini is in season right now. This recipe requires a few ingredients and is super easy to prepare. I love to eat this dish with plain rice, but you can enjoy it with bread or eat it as a side dish with any meal.


2 medium size zucchini sliced
2 medium yellow or white onion sliced
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
5 tablespoons vegetable oil

1. Cut zucchini into thin slices.DSC_6090-001

2. Cut onion into thin slices. DSC_6094-001

3. In a large pan, heat the oil over medium temperature. Add onion, black pepper and salt. DSC_6098-001

4. Cook onion and stir frequently until it becomes soft. DSC_6103-001

5. Once the onion is soft, add zucchini. Cook until both onion and zucchini  are soft and brown and stir frequently. DSC_6105-001

6. Enjoy with plain rice or bread! DSC_6110-001

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