Sawtooth National Recreation Area


Today’s post is about Sawtooth Idaho.

Located in central Idaho, Sawtooth is a beautiful area and has a special place in my heart. I have been there many more times than I had wanted in high-school. Although coming from a family with a trekking business, I did not enjoy hiking when I was young.  Now, much has changed, including my love for hiking. I now realize how fortunate I was to have had those experiences and that I got to do all those wonderful hikes. There are plenty of places in the Sawtooth area for a dayhike or camp. If you are interested here is the link.

Recently we went to SunValley, Id and on the way back to Moscow we had a picnic in Stanley Lake. I have included the pictures of Redfish lake, Stanley lake and nice pictures of wildflowers. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all the hikes I did when I was in high-school, but hope you enjoy these pictures and are inspired to go there someday!

10383734_10202650508837086_4719876399720511197_oRedfish Lake10397145_10202650522557429_124779239526387294_o

10428233_10202650524677482_6468537845719080989_oStanley Lake1900738_10202650542637931_5089641491948117793_o   10363471_10202650548918088_2366962242855153218_oIf you visit around July, you will get to see all these beautiful wildflowers. 259919_1964188137570_4624846_n 260408_1964188337575_6385665_n 263051_1964191897664_3088074_n 264177_1964160216872_7444276_n 267450_1964160496879_195424_n 269171_1964194897739_1936917_n 269641_1964188897589_4535176_n 269923_1964189297599_1975063_n

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