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A Budget Getaway: Mount Rainier National Park


Looking for budget summer getaways?

Consider Mount Rainier National Park. Located southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington, Mount Rainier is pretty extraordinary. With wildflower covered trails and wildlife, it feels like the most beautiful place in the earth. Sam and I managed to visit Mount Rainier twice last year. We went the first time and absolutely loved the hikes, so we went back again a few weeks later.
Our first visit was not really planned and there were just two of us, so we opted for car camping. The second time, we camped out in a tent. Both times, the trip was amazing and I would do it again.

If you are worried about what to eat while you are visiting Mount Rainier, there are plenty of restaurant in the periphery of the national park. Sam and I had a nice Nepali lunch at the Wildberry restaurant. Owned by Sherpa people, the cute little restaurant served Nepali cuisine and is famous for their pie. If you visit Mount Rainier, check out the restaurant. I have pictures of our visit including the restaurant and the food.

Wildflowers and wildlife

Paradise trail, a nearly 6 mile long loop, is one of the best trails I have hiked in the United States. With a medium difficulty level, this hike offers beautiful landscapes, wildflowers, wildlife, a great view of the majestic Mount Rainier, glaciers and waterfalls. At some of the scenic view points, it is possible to see Mt Hood and Mt Adams. 741127_10200800344064123_18395791_o 798191_10200800166899694_1461120168_o 963832_10200800638351480_312321268_o 966273_10200800327983721_57326664_o 1071168_10200672731673893_1169608867_o 1074146_10200800637911469_1183506822_o 1082561_10200800324223627_1197918612_o 1082610_10200800341344055_1491814139_o 1084985_10200800319943520_1525117309_o 1146960_10200799745729165_910575529_o 1147625_10200800316343430_1987298509_o

This 14,411 ft (4,392 m) high beauty has been climbed by many. While we were hiking, many climbers passed us on their way back down from the mountain. 1085070_10200800579950020_1619612194_o 1093958_10200800617350955_1331208522_o 1146960_10200799745729165_910575529_o 1150576_10200800150499284_1653878261_o


Romantic Gateway!

Besides paradise trail, there are many other day hikes that one can do in this national park. With beautiful scenic views and a peaceful ambiance, it makes for a great holiday destination or a quick escape from the downtown city life in Seattle. 981868_10200800608950745_2125159187_o 1077516_10200672746474263_2118708808_o 1097645_10200800599030497_836582660_o 1146771_10200800602510584_738679234_o


If you are into photography or being a unpaid model like me, this place is a must 😉 735544_10200800595470408_429501447_o 856410_10200800429026247_238511646_o 965894_10200800594470383_651492384_o (1) 1074235_10200672702433162_837956344_o 1074261_10200672704313209_109555275_o 1077245_10200672702873173_1129480859_o 1078910_10200672671392386_1825175011_o 1084908_10200800606550685_1031164103_o 1091223_10200800604710639_20439806_o 1093866_10200800211140800_174031188_o 1094615_10200800592630337_84582780_o 1094618_10200800437386456_1772753864_o 1097141_10200800628751240_1967974626_o 1097299_10200800636871443_2029136241_o 1119953_10200800624751140_1215255738_o 1119957_10200800577029947_1833391388_o 1149329_10200800583670113_1930518089_o 1149340_10200800588510234_79651294_o 1149376_10200800590070273_739326425_o 1149407_10200800629511259_672212787_o 1149526_10200800604190626_1140556413_o 1149698_10200800591110299_396384414_o 1150673_10200800590910294_391101008_o 1150697_10200800627951220_1883963088_o 1167195_10200800605030647_438683152_o 1167648_10200800617670963_813869252_o 1172883_10200799881852568_584692242_o

Anyone hungry?1069273_10200672663312184_1638474046_n 1072079_10200672662912174_1951163134_o 1077400_10200672664792221_1811067660_o

Sawtooth National Recreation Area


Today’s post is about Sawtooth Idaho.

Located in central Idaho, Sawtooth is a beautiful area and has a special place in my heart. I have been there many more times than I had wanted in high-school. Although coming from a family with a trekking business, I did not enjoy hiking when I was young.  Now, much has changed, including my love for hiking. I now realize how fortunate I was to have had those experiences and that I got to do all those wonderful hikes. There are plenty of places in the Sawtooth area for a dayhike or camp. If you are interested here is the link.

Recently we went to SunValley, Id and on the way back to Moscow we had a picnic in Stanley Lake. I have included the pictures of Redfish lake, Stanley lake and nice pictures of wildflowers. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all the hikes I did when I was in high-school, but hope you enjoy these pictures and are inspired to go there someday!

10383734_10202650508837086_4719876399720511197_oRedfish Lake10397145_10202650522557429_124779239526387294_o

10428233_10202650524677482_6468537845719080989_oStanley Lake1900738_10202650542637931_5089641491948117793_o   10363471_10202650548918088_2366962242855153218_oIf you visit around July, you will get to see all these beautiful wildflowers. 259919_1964188137570_4624846_n 260408_1964188337575_6385665_n 263051_1964191897664_3088074_n 264177_1964160216872_7444276_n 267450_1964160496879_195424_n 269171_1964194897739_1936917_n 269641_1964188897589_4535176_n 269923_1964189297599_1975063_n