India Night and DIY cropped top blouse!

This post is a bit overdue, but better late than never! Like the Taste of Nepal, India Night is held annually at the University of Idaho. Every year this event is organized by the Indian students association and the program is filled with amazing traditional dances, great food and a fun Bollywood dances and this year was no different. This year, I participated in one of the dances and Sonam and Namrata also walked on the fashion show which made the program even more fun for us. I have posted videos of all the performances in order and the credit for all the videos goes to Anirudh Bandari.

Since we weren’t involved in the preparation of the event, we got a chance to dress up. I wore a yellow (my favorite color) sari and my very creatively talented sister Sonam made a blouse for me out of one of the many unworn leggings. The blouse turned out amazing and complemented my sari beautifully. I even managed to get a lot of complements about the sari and blouse.16605_10202393991144304_5738004953103324595_nTo make this cropped top blouse, you need a legging of your choice and a pair of scissors. Make a “U” shaped cut in crotch area using the scissors. Make sure the cut is very small. There are plenty of videos on how to make this top or you can check out this pinterest.1509827_10202394024865147_7193976531292626578_n10274259_10202394022185080_2570799842403119357_n

For those of you who didn’t attend the show, enjoy the pictures and videos!

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