Taste of Nepal 2014 Videos

For those of you, who were unable to attend the Taste of Nepal 2014 show, here are all the videos (except Lil dai and Goma bhauju’s dance, I can’t seem to locate it). These videos are courtesy of Dr. Dev Sagar Shrestha. Thank you Dev dai for all the videos. We received excellent comments for the program. Saharsh’s “Gangnam style” dance was a treat and he was definitely the star of the show! Enjoy!
P.S. Ignore my mistakes in the dance, I am quite good at forgetting my steps during the dance. That’s probably why my parents made sure I went into sciences and not in the entertainment business. I will probably post our practice video just to show that I actually knew what I was doing at some point 😉 Also, Happy Valentine day to all. You could celebrate this valentine day making black forest cake for your loved ones.

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