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Nimkis are salty crackers made with flour and flavored with a little bit of toasted black cumin seed.  Since they are deep-fried, you can store them for a longer period of time (2-3 weeks) in a air-tight container or ziploc bags. You can enjoy Nimkies with tea or cold drinks for snacks. When we were younger, my bhauju (sister-in law) used to make this snack during rainy days. In Nepal you can buy nimkies from any halwai shop and they give it to you in a cone made with old newspapers. Since I didn’t have old news paper handy, I made cones with Victoria secret magazine paper. Finally I found a good use for this magazine;) Make sure you try this recipe, you will love it.


2 cups of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon black cumin seed (toasted)
Salt to taste (I use 2 teaspoons)
2 cups of vegetable oil (to deep fry)


1. In a large dish, mix flour, salt and toasted black cumin seeds. I usually keep the cumin in microwave for 30 secs to toast. DSC_1684-001

2. Gently add water and make a dough. I recommend adding only half cup of water at first.  Knead the flour adding 2-3 teaspoons of oil and water.DSC_1688-001

3. Roll the dough until very thin using a rolling pin. Next, cut rolled dough into diamond shapes. DSC_1721-001

4. In a deep pan, heat oil. ( I recommend testing oil by dropping a piece of nimki in the hot oil. Also make sure to adjusting oil temperature throughout the frying process. If the oil is too hot, it will burn those nimkies.) DSC_1704-001

5. Once the oil is hot, add nimkies. DSC_1720-001

6. Fry nimkies until they are golden brown and transfer nimkies to another container. DSC_1723-001

7. Let the nimkies cool before storing or serving. DSC_1745-001

8. If you have kids, make sure to serve Nimki in a cone 🙂  DSC_1735-002



Sherpa Butter Tea


Butter tea known as “su cha” in Sherpa language is a very popular drink of the Sherpa people in Nepal. People in Tibet, China and Bhutan also drink butter tea.  Since the weather is often chilly and cold in the Himalaya region, Sherpa people drink butter tea throughout the day to keep themselves warm and hydrated. Butter in the tea also provides nourishment and calories. It is made from special tea leaves, yak butter, salt and milk (optional). For breakfast, butter tea is enjoyed with tsampa.

Traditionally, butter tea is made by boiling tea leaves in water until the tea is dark brown in color. Then the tea is strained and poured in a special butter churn along with a large lump of yak butter, salt and tsampa (optional) and then this is churned until the butter and salt are well mixed. The tea is then transferred to a thermos or kettle. Butter tea is served in a special cup and silver cup holder.

Special tea leaves used to make butter tea. DSC_1629-001

Non iodized salt for butter tea. DSC_1635-001

Traditional way of churning butter tea. DSC_4451-001


Butter tea served with sel roti and mula ko aachar (radish pickle).36210_1430081865247_8007301_n

Butter tea served in cup and silver cup holders. The cute little cup was for me 🙂DSC_4548-001

Since it is difficult to find special tea leaves, yak butter and salt required to prepare traditional butter tea, here I have a easy butter tea recipe that uses black Lipton teabags (since Lipton tea resembles the taste of Sherpa tea leaves), table-salt, and store bought salted butter.

4 cups of water
1 cup of milk
2 Black Lipton teabags
4 tablespoon salted butter
Salt to taste


1. In a large pan, boil water with two Lipton teabags.  DSC_1604-001

2. Once the color of the tea is dark brown, add milk. DSC_1614-001

3. Boil the tea until it bubbles. DSC_1617-001

4. In a blender, add butter and salt. DSC_1615-001

5. Transfer tea to the blender and blend using liquefy. DSC_1624-001

6. Enjoy butter tea with cookies or anything you like. DSC_1642-001

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