Our trip from Lukla to Namche.

This post is way overdue, but I guess it is better to be late than never. After I finished my PhD, Sam and I went to Nepal where we managed to do some cool traveling. We took a trip with my mom to her village, Thame and Tengboche along the route to the Everest base camp (we didn’t make it to the base camp but someday!). This post is about the trip from Lukla to Namche and I will try to post about the trip to Thame and Tengboche later.  I want to share some of our pictures from that trip and hope it will encourage some of you to travel to the beautiful parts of Nepal.
This is how our itinerary looked. From Lukla to Namche bazzar can take 2 to 3 days hiking depending on how you want to enjoy your trip. I suggest taking more time and enjoying the scenery along the way.

Day 1: Fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. Hike from Lukla to Monjo.
Day 2: Monjo to Phakding.
Day 3: Phagding to Namche (hike around Namche)
Day 4: Namche to Tengboche
Day 5: Tengboche to Namche
Day 6: Namche to Thame
Day 7: Thame to Namche
Day 8: Namche to Phakding
Day 9: Phakding to Lukla
Day 10: Lukla to Phaplu airport, then hiked to Solu, Sallery (my dad’s village). I will have to do another post about Solu, Sallery.

First a map showing the points we visited during this trek. Click on the map to load this area in Google Maps. Mt. Everest is about 12 miles North West of where we were in Tengboche. Points on the map are: A-Lukla, B-Namche, C-Tengboche, D-Thamu, and E-Phaplu.

Waiting for the plane in domestic airport, Kathmandu.

Off we go! 426438_3015561421245_1618819350_nArrived at Lukla! 425474_3015569461446_1226604869_nLukla airport is one of the most dangerous airport in the world. 40035_1470461634716_4953971_nWe had tea with our family friends. They have a wonderful hotel right next to the airport. 39815_1470453274507_190027_nTribute to Pasang Lamu Sherpa (First lady to climb Mt Everest)40287_1470454954549_4156856_n

As soon as we arrived to Lukla, we started hiking to Monjo. You will find these huge carved  and painted rocks along the way, which makes the journey very different and memorable. 38582_1470453874522_6569126_n Lady watering her garden. 38597_1470453754519_6348282_nBeautiful kids on the way to Monjo.40275_1470460114678_3684774_nOnly mode of transportation that doesn’t involve carrying it on your back. 40568_1470459954674_2576955_nIf you are hiking in the Sherpa village, tea time is a must. Here Sam is resting and waiting for his tea to arrive with no shoes on!38647_1470459074652_6793505_n Typical Sherpa Kitchen. Very beautiful. Lots of large pots show wealth of the family.38742_1470490355434_3415731_nMom and I totally tired. 36799_1470462634741_946424_nEnjoying Rara (instant noodle) for lunch. 38785_1470462714743_7348636_n Outhouse. 38968_1470455874572_4672618_nMore kids40771_1470462314733_5532166_nThese days you can find any kind of accommodation catering to all sorts of people. 38989_1470455994575_1111860_nFrom Monjo to Phakding.   39094_1470488195380_7358239_nPhakding. 38517_1470464674792_7099998_n

39106_1470456114578_4123618_nWe stayed at the hotel of our family friend in Phakding. One of the best place I have been to. If I have to stay for a month doing nothing, I would go to Phakding.  39195_1470460474687_3403172_n Herd of yaks.40682_1470460714693_941812_nFarming39260_1470454354534_2907526_nAnother Sherpa kitchen! 39355_1470453394510_2380936_n

Butter tea. Sherpa people drink butter tea that contains salt, milk and butter. This warm drink provides extra calories for the arduous hiking and long walks. 39644_1470460394685_2483517_n  Sam reading a map and enjoying his butter tea.  40019_1470460314683_5397171_n (1) One of my favorite pictures.  40067_1470464274782_5653975_n After we arrived to Phakding. We ate potato bread and butter tea for snack. This was amazing. 40170_1470464474787_7760651_n Sam eating his breakfast which consists of hard boiled eggs and porridge called champa made from a combination of grains (wheat, millet, barley and soy). These are baked and ground into a rough powder which was traditionally carried in a pouch by travelling Sherpas. It is then mixed with butter tea to form either a porridge, or a dough like substance (called pak) and eaten. The taste is much like wheat based porridge except more salty with a little butter from the tea. Some people also add sugar, however it is very expensive in this part of the world. 36132_1432360882221_2654842_n

Beautiful waterfall.40195_1470486915348_7815308_nFrom Phakding to Namche.  40378_1470488035376_4284749_nThe children in the mountains are hardy and playful. These little girls were looking after the young boy. 40549_1470482435236_6686304_n  Pretending to cook. 40511_1470490435436_7891299_nTea time at Hotel Waterfall. 38651_1470489755419_2037400_n

26692_1432374042550_1179184_nThis little kid loved cookies and kept wanting more even though his hands were full. 37347_1432378842670_7128473_nThen a herd of yaks came and scared him. 37218_1432379242680_4461970_n Almost worn out after a long day of hiking.   36802_1470494035526_1932888_nPrayer flags and kathas covered this bridge. When the wind blows (which is pretty much all the time in these canyons), it carries prayers to heaven.                          40040_1470482355234_3277504_n Enjoying Rara for lunch again!                        38698_1470490955449_6062507_n Picture time!  38658_1470489875422_7884982_n Traditional farming.       36827_1470491955474_7288938_n Finally made it to Namche. Namche bazzar is quite a popular tourist destination in Nepal.  35942_1470492675492_8274674_nSam showing off his leopard printed hat. 35730_1432380482711_7028330_nSam and I on the hill top overlooking Namche.13457_1427926571366_533571_n

If you would like more information about traveling in Nepal, don’t hesitate to contact me. My parents were in the trekking industry for many years and have a number of good contacts. I would be more than happy to put you in contact with them.


  1. Ranganath Mamidi says:

    Cool pictures Tshering……loved the beauty of Nepal…..

  2. Prithvi says:


    I recently went on the same path as you did though we went right up till Gorakshep and Kalapathar.

    What really caught my fancy was the “t” momos served with a potato curry. It was awesome. It did not have any stuffing but looked like a soup bun, just steamed. I’d like to know if you know the recipe for this? I have told my children so much about it that they are just waiting to taste them!! Thanks

    • SherpaniChef says:

      Hi Prithvi, Hope your travel was great. “T” momos are fairly easy to make. Yes, I can post the recipe 🙂