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Olympic Peninsula Trip, Part III

From Seku village, we drove to Forks. Neither of us is a big Twilight fan, but since we were in the area, we figured we might as well check it out.

“Team Jacob”!412566_3777339985233_173567483_o412499_3777334385093_1233674589_o


242759_3777331705026_1148223590_oWe had a lovely breakfast with plenty of coffee refills in Forks. 412413_3777336945157_199994745_oMy favorite biscuit and gravy! [wp_ad_camp_1]614787_3777335905131_868220485_o


After Forks, we went to Hoh Rain Forest.  621928_3777294624099_1991817506_o


620442_3777305704376_1910870710_o   551100_3777303024309_549959368_n  412480_3777293304066_456505545_o


338653_3777282663800_23322906_o  325750_3777274423594_1299097837_o    288906_3777267983433_2030618431_o





Along the way, there were a whole bunch of beaches. I don’t remember the name of this beach, but it was very nice.621775_3778935745126_1120472252_oLots of Barnacle. (Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Arthropoda, Subphylum: Crustacea, Class: Maxillopoda). Thanks to my undergraduate class, Diversity of Life, I can still name a few of these 🙂621744_3778947905430_1120926437_o616145_3778949025458_380867647_o621740_3778996586647_293406161_o473558_3778989386467_1735924471_o334166_3779002346791_83520548_oSam wanted to be a marine biologist when he was young, so it is always fun to explore beaches and biodiversity there.331556_3778942025283_608122780_o 256304_3778988186437_1133826407_o256473_3778936785152_174130043_oCastle from Lord of the Rings 😉 277975_3779069388467_1485004608_o


Olympic Peninsula Trip, Part II

After Dungeness spit, we drove to Port Angeles. There we took a day trip out to Hurricane Ridge. The view is amazing from there.219758_3774978846206_573222048_o-001



221591_3775062408295_1843488028_o-001   278733_3774983286317_670770566_o-001  337115_3774987886432_2049132734_o-001    413367_3774973366069_1395347635_o-001    620579_3774993566574_629463675_o-001   622522_3775085528873_496424304_o-001


We reached Seku village and Neha Bay in the evening. These are very small fishing towns.338532_3775013167064_1261135197_o-001


256504_3775281613775_38349918_o-001   622404_3775295294117_1727730137_o-001We were super hungry when we got there, but it was already 9pm. We were afraid all the restaurants would be closed, but luckily one of the dinners was open. Sam had fish and chips and I ate clam chowder. I wish I could remember the name of that restaurant.616714_3775286853906_503830991_o-001Content after eating! 558126_3775301774279_1280170111_nWe car camped again that in this spot. This is the morning view from where we parked our car!242725_3777330304991_630280595_o


Olympic Peninsula Road Trip, Part I

I have been wanting to post more on my travel section, but it has been difficult finding time for it. Finally, here is a post about an Olympic Peninsula Road trip that Sam and I took last summer. Olympic Peninsula is in western Washington. The trip was amazing with breathtaking views. We spent 4 days and 3 nights (7 days if you count Seattle), but we could of easily stayed longer and visited more places. Instead of staying at hotels, we opted for more adventurous car camping, which I had never done before (it is not half bad!). As always, Sam and I took tons of pictures and I would like to share a few here. If you live on the west coast or plan to visit this area, this is a wonderful trip that I highly recommend. Here is an article in National Geographic magazine, which gives a detailed itinerary of this trip. We pretty much followed the itinerary that is given in that article with a few changes.

We started from Seattle and drove to Port-Townsend. Along the way, there were hiking areas that we visited and took nice pictures.

Can you find Seattle in the picture? Apparently, on clear days you can see Seattle from the this area.278776_3773113639577_1006000118_o-001

466700_3773193761580_27886713_o-001There was a small shack where they were selling bbq and chicken roasts. We had roasted chicken and salad for lunch.329377_3773178841207_1832845431_o-001I had bought that salad at Pikes place day before, but it stayed nice and fresh and it went quite well with our roasted chicken!378254_3773180121239_1496966879_n

616907_3773179361220_2138237410_o-001The road to Port-Townsend was very scenic. We had to stop every 10 mins or so and take pictures! 614764_3773086718904_971430155_o-001

466632_3773092639052_253239929_o-001Even this old car seemed quite photogenic to us 😉413357_3773095679128_421448690_o-001We stopped at Pleasant Harbor Marina for a small coffee break! 553426_3773187681428_1617286918_n



Port-Townsend is such a cute town which reminded me of Sun Valley, ID. There was a wine tasting and a free music in the downtown when we got there. As you can see in the background, people were just relaxing and enjoying free music! 288962_3773161720779_1969766283_o-001

289089_3773165680878_1067880802_o-001We had rice crepes with avocado and vegetables for dinner. I really like how lot of these restaurants offered choices of gluten and lactose free food. 329410_3773196841657_70882869_o-001


621715_3773197161665_1032752901_o-001And a coffee afterward!!  488264_3773163200816_57212342_n-001Ofcourse a bit of modeling!      625644_3773157840682_1945977194_n-001

We reached Dungeness Spit quite late at night. Luckily found a place to park and slept in the car. 614935_3773166240892_315163998_o-001


Dungeness Spit is the world’s longest natural sand spit. You can find many different bird species here.
I woke up late as usual and Sam had prepared a wonderful breakfast (as usual).   268354_3773263523324_1823037686_n-001

405345_3773262243292_1794411631_nOur homemade stove, which later exploded 😉388004_3773260483248_608466170_n-001As soon as we got done eating, we went for a walk. Initially we were ambitious and thought we could finish the entire walk, but then we changed our minds! 221571_3773277083663_2011101384_o-001

292950_3773275883633_1544082526_n   306734_3773311324519_739926463_n-001


313696_3773318204691_440526628_n   527270_3773285603876_693320960_n





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