Mustard Sunburn Treatment

Sherpanichef model Namrata Dangol went to Lewiston, ID Saturday to carve out a corn maze with her professor. The corn maze in Lewiston is held every year in the fall. If you are in Moscow, Lewiston area, it is a fun event. Anyway, Namrata got a serious sunburn on her neck. So, I made a mustard baking soda paste for her. Mustard and baking soda are both very good for reducing redness and preventing blisters.

Namrata with her sunburned neck. DSC_5523-001
Add two tablespoons of yellow mustard (yes, not just for hotdogs) and 1 teaspoon baking soda in a bowl.  Mix well.DSC_5521-001
Apply to the sunburned area. Let it dry and wash gently with cold water. Stay out of the sun to let the skin heal. DSC_5531-001Here is a picture of corn maze in Lewiston, Id. Sam and I trying to find our ways.299674_2292510705429_2008734448_n



  1. Ashik Sahani says:

    @Namrata: oie, K vako talai. Lau hera skin ko halat. Hope everything is alrite now.

  2. Shyam Sunder says:

    Looks good. This is useful for me, as I work under sun a lot.