Farmer’s Market in Hilo Hawaii.

Finally, here is a new post about our recent trip to Big Island, Hawaii. For this spring break, we went to the Big Island, Hawaii. The trip was amazing. We met so many wonderful people and got to eat fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables.  We stayed in different parts of the Big Island and traveled around the island making a huge circle. I will post more about other parts of the Island, but this post is dedicated to the farmer’s market in Hilo.

There is a small farmer’s market every day in Hilo, but on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a big one. It rains a lot in Hilo making it easy to raise tropical fruits and vegetables. One of the best parts about Hilo and the Big Island in general is that most of the people seemed to be happy, warm, and welcoming. There were a lot of hippies there but less tourists than I expected, which was surprising. Because of the warm climate, happy people, fresh fruits and vegetables, and authentic Thai food, Hilo has made it to the best places to visit in my list and by far the best places I have been to in the United States. Ever since I have gotten back to Moscow, I have been seriously considering moving there 🙂 Here are some photos and videos of farmer’s markets we went to in and around Hilo. Enjoy!

Born to pose or what!!

69204_4932185295644_1167294868_nThis is how chocolate looks like before it gets heavily processed. These roasted cocoa beans are so flavorful, I had to buy a couple packs. Unfortunately, they are more expensive than chocolate 🙁 156048_4932185055638_1566214303_nFish in Suisan Fish Market. The fish seemed fresh, but the prices were high!417694_4932193695854_1329931113_nColorful potatoes.Even though I like Hilo, Idaho potatoes are still my favorite. 429633_4932127774206_509672459_nGreen Papaya Salad and Jack Fruit. I have a video post on a lady making this papaya salad. This salad reminded me of our trip to Thailand. 480491_4932173935360_1406575312_nFresh Basil483656_4932113533850_1527134683_nI love pearls. 484189_4932172815332_1552438425_nHow romantic!487785_4932150574776_882061462_nCocoa beans again! 487883_4932185335645_1727702870_nMaking dinner with fresh produce from the market! 527774_4932167215192_1083628314_n

530525_4932111613802_117689435_nThis guys was an amazing singer. Leen and I had to go dance in the stage 🙂 575194_4932184335620_1267325140_nSo colorful. 580495_4932128494224_1962539724_nA picture with a Triathlete. 580511_4932178735480_2089316144_nJust like my scooter in Nepal.625500_4932110013762_1964789446_nSome vendor thought we were cute and gave us coconut for free. Enjoying free coconut with Leen. 625654_4932145134640_615456030_nNO GMO (for dinner). 733983_4932180375521_176012735_n


883142_4932134334370_362582533_oI love this lady. She was giving us a lot of different fruits just to try. We bought some ferns from her. 883777_4932138134465_2098336512_o



How many bananas can you eat?891576_4932122334070_1762996047_o


891951_4932132294319_1047524746_oLongan892657_4932118533975_1055784707_oMy favorite  Rambutan and Mangoes. 893895_4932117493949_436743097_oPapaya are in season rt now. We must have eaten at least 50 papayas when we were there. 894859_4932135934410_2011208852_oPosing with vendors. 894864_4932123694104_810084663_o
Enjoying cooking in Darya’s Charming Two Bedroom Cottage in Hilo! 883402_4925260802536_1900158112_o

Video of Farmer’s Market!

Video of Green Papaya Salad!


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