Taste of Nepal Pictures & Videos

Here are few pictures from the Taste of Nepal, 2013 event held at the University of Idaho. DSC_2457-001 DSC_2468-001 DSC_2472-001 DSC_2478-001 DSC_2485-001 DSC_2488-001 DSC_2488-002 DSC_2494-001 DSC_2499-001 DSC_2500-001 DSC_2534-001 DSC_2549-001 DSC_2586-001 DSC_2588-001 DSC_2591-001 DSC_2592-001 DSC_2597-001 DSC_2598-001 DSC_2602-001 DSC_2605-001 DSC_2607-001

Here are some of the videos of our dances.

Girls dance by Tshering, Namrata, Kunjana and Neelima
Khukuri dance by Susov, Tshering, Sunil and Nikunja
Dance by Tshering, Nikunja, Neelima and Sweta
Dance by Namrata Dangol



  1. Tashi Delek Tsering, (and Sam!)
    this is Tim Malone, who you met at Mt. Ranier Saturday night while walking down from Paradise with Sam — and we saw a Black Bear!
    I am very impressed with your blog and
    now enjoy the pictures of the Nepali dance: I see you as an Ambassador for the Sherpa people in the NW — may your culture live on forever, bright and joyful!

    I will check out your recipes as well and have subscribed to your blog.
    Any Dahl Baht with yellow Lentils on the docket?!
    Here is my website above…
    and I am grateful for your offer to cook Nepali food if I am in Idaho someday!
    If you happen to make your way to Seattle airport/Burien with Sam and/or your family sometime then know you are welcome to come by the estate for tea or Annapurna!
    Om Mani Padme Hung,

    • sherpanichef says:

      Namaste Tim, Thank you so much for giving us a ride that day. I am glad you enjoyed my blog. I will definitely post dal recipe soon. Do let us know if you ever come to Moscow, Id area. We will do the same. Cheers, Tshering