1. Tashi Delek Tsering, (and Sam!)
    this is Tim Malone, who you met at Mt. Ranier Saturday night while walking down from Paradise with Sam — and we saw a Black Bear!
    I am very impressed with your blog and
    now enjoy the pictures of the Nepali dance: I see you as an Ambassador for the Sherpa people in the NW — may your culture live on forever, bright and joyful!

    I will check out your recipes as well and have subscribed to your blog.
    Any Dahl Baht with yellow Lentils on the docket?!
    Here is my website above…
    and I am grateful for your offer to cook Nepali food if I am in Idaho someday!
    If you happen to make your way to Seattle airport/Burien with Sam and/or your family sometime then know you are welcome to come by the estate for tea or Annapurna!
    Om Mani Padme Hung,

    • sherpanichef says:

      Namaste Tim, Thank you so much for giving us a ride that day. I am glad you enjoyed my blog. I will definitely post dal recipe soon. Do let us know if you ever come to Moscow, Id area. We will do the same. Cheers, Tshering