Sugar & Lactose Free Ice cream!

Here is a recipe for ice cream that doesn’t require sugar and milk. Actually, it tastes just like regular ice cream and is perfect for the 80 degree weather we had today!

2 cups of cashews
1 cup honey
2 lb strawberries (cut)
1 cup of fresh coconut
1 can of coconut milk


  • Blend cashews until well blended. Take the blended cashews out and keep them aside for later use.
  • Blend coconut in the blender.
  • Once the coconut is blended, add strawberries and coconut milk. Continue blending until well mixed.
  • Now add honey and blended cashews and continue blending until the mixture is liquified.
  • Pour the liquid into a deep container, cover it and put it in the freezer for at least 4 to 5 hours before serving.
  • Decorate it with fresh strawberries and enjoy!


  1. i had been looking for ice cream recipe without ice cream maker. just love it!

    • sherpanichef says:

      Hi Dixya, This ice-cream is SCD diet compatible. You could make a normal ice-cream without ice cream maker. I might put a recipe for that in the future. But do try this recipe, it is very healthy and tasty!